Welcome to UK Candy, an online sweet shop that specialises in a wide range of fine trade confectionery including sweets, chocolates, fudge and even bulk candy from the USA that has been imported for the enjoyment of your taste buds. We're proud stockists of over 500 different wholesale sweets which include a range of new, exciting novelty childrens lines as well as retro sweets from the past that are sure to bring back nostalgic childhood memories such as flying saucers and of course, dolly mixture. Our selection ensures that we have something for everyone in our candy store, whatever your age. Our selection of kids candies contains sour confectionery such as brain licker, a liquid candy container with lots of fizz and sourness! With all the original, family favourites, you'll be sure to find confections such as tropical gobstoppers, jelly baby fudge and lots of classic hard boiled sweets including sherbet lemons and aniseed twist.

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We have a passionate team of staff who are experts when it comes to candy. If you have any questions or need the slightest bit of help, please get in touch with us, we'll be happy to help. It's not just the nostalgic wholesale sweets that we adore though, it's everything from wrapped boiled sweets such as mint humbugs, sherbet lemons, rosy apples to the creamy toffees including banana split eclairs, assorted milk chocolate chewy toffees and nutty brazil toffees.

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We offer FREE delivery on all mainland UK orders. We only use FedEx to deliver our packages (they're awesome!). As soon as we despatch your order, you'll have it the following working day. We strive to ensure that customer service is the best. If you have a favourite candy, please send us a tweet or leave a message on one of our social network pages, we'd really love to hear from you. We're positive that it can't be just us with this much of a sugary sweet tooth.

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Do you miss those old-fashioned favourites such as Dip Dabs, Flying Saucers or Wine Gums? Are you living outside of the UK and desperate to get hold of them? We deliver worldwide. We love everything about confectionery, it's our passion and our whole team agree on this. That's why we have over 250+ combined years within all aspects of the industry. We love sweets so much and we love to help our customers get the candy they want and love too!


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We will continue to add new products as we source them, just like the sweets that you can see above. We have great relationships with all of the finest confectionery manufacturers that are located all around the globe, so if there is a new product out, you'll be able to find it here on UK Candy, the home of wholesale sweets and speedy, secure deliveries! We hope that you enjoy browsing our range of sweets and, as always, if you have any questions relating to any of our products or services, please get in touch and a member of the UK Candy team will be more than happy to assist you further. We're in the office every day of the week (sometimes even weekends!) so you'll be sure to hear from us before you know it! We're a passionate team of candy enthusiasts so we love being able to help and source exciting new wholesale sweets for our customers to enjoy in bulk and share with all of their friends and family. Now, go and browse through our range of wonderful sweeties and make sure that you let us know your favourite. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and of course, through our contact form, right here on our virtual sweet store!